About Us

Wankae Online Shopping

About Us at Wankae Online Shopping we specialize in the distribution of Name Brand Baby Diapers, Training Pants, Baby Wipes & Baby Supplies at wholesale prices. Our products offer consumers a much better value, with great quality and significant savings. In today’s challenging economic times those savings can be substantial.

Our Corporate Vision & Mission

Wankae Online Shopping is Canada’s premier comparison shopping service. We collect information on products and their prices from top brand names of online stores and then compile all these data in a single convenient and easy to use catalogue so that online shoppers could select the right product at the right price from hundreds of goods on offer and then click on the chosen product to be taken to the checkout where they can complete their purchase.

Our mission is to inspire a consumer revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations. We believe our products are healthy solutions for your baby, and for the family and environment outside of it. As a pioneer in corporate responsibility, we consider our impact in everything we do—from product development through production, purchase, use, and disposal. We are always evaluating how to reduce our environmental impact, increase performance and safety, and create a more sustainable supply chain. We believe it is our responsibility to set a course for a more mindful way of doing business.

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