Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
At Wankae Investment Group Limited, we know that our customers are concerned about how we handle information provided to us both on our online website and the mobile device. Hence the reason for the privacy policy. The privacy policy will give you a clear illustration of how data is collected, shared, processed and securely stored. So while on the site it is essential for you to review and understand and be at ease with our entire privacy policy practices, before providing us with any personal information. Wankae’s privacy policy may be updated regularly, so it is vital to keep up with the updates from time to time.

Collected Information
On this Site,the term “personal information,” means, information provided in union with your name.When you decide to provide Wankae Investment Group Limited with your “personal information.”And agrees to be placed on our mailing list, it means you have given your consent to be contacted with promotions, adverts, etc. about product sales and services of Wankae. It is, however,key to note that Wankae will by no means collect your personal information without you knowingly or voluntarily giving it to us. The privacy policy also relates to all information on our social media sites.

Information Collection Process
We directly ask you for your information, through filling some forms online during sign-ups or through our Subscription Agreement Program or our reward and loyalty programs or otherwise, etc. This process is used as a mean to collect your personal information with your knowledge.

The Cookie Technology
Comparable to many other companies, Wankae Investment Group Limited, utilizes the “cookie” technology on our Site.
Cookies are information stored on your personal computer by your browser to save your preferences or favorites while you are visiting or browsing a particular site. The moment you log in, the cookie informs Wankae whether this is your first time visiting the site or not.This cookie technology approach enables us to identify which advertisements bring users to our website for marketing purposes. It is imperative to note that the cookie is unable to obtain any personal information about you or make available to us any means to contact you. We do use the cookie, however, to assist us to identify site features in which you have the utmost interest. Cookies should be enabled on your computer to have full access to all our online website features working correctly.

Web Beacons
The above is an electronic file placed on a Web page that lets us count and know users that are visiting our page. Among other things that web beacon does, a web beacon can also be used in HTML-formatted email to decide on responses to our communications and measure their effectiveness – for example, if you receive an email from us, and you click on a link included in that email to go to our website, we can know. You can generally avoid web beacons in an email by turning them off.

Mobile Applications Usage
A customer or subscriber may decide to download mobile applications offered by Wankae Investment Group Limited. If you use our mobile apps, the mobile app may collect specific information automatically, such as the kind of mobile device being used by you, the temporary or persistent unique device identifiers (sometimes called UDID) and data about the way you use the applications. The mobile app may also collect specific data you voluntarily make available, such as product info when you scan a product bar code, and transactional information, such as when you make a purchase or answer back to a loyalty offer. Our mobile applications may collect detailed information about the location of your mobile device, such as when you search for a store. However, your explicit permission is sourced through your device before the application obtains such location information from other technologies and service providers. As you come onto our websites, we capture and retain the IP address on the device you are using, devices such as a personal computer, iPad or any mobile device.

What We Do with Your Information
When you voluntarily sign up and provide us with your personal information on this Site, such as your email address, name and street address we create and add you on to Wankae’s mailing distribution list. If you do not want to receive these mailings, you can request to be taken off from our mailing list by visiting our webpage or by calling-1-866-530-2034 to unsubscribe. Please,it essential to note that if you decide to unsubscribe, we might still send you some specific emails relating to particular products or services that you might have purchased or signed up for or email us for, as we believe it is relevant to you because of previous communication with us. Our Site from time to time includes notices of sweepstakes or other loyalty promotions we are leading.Information provided to us by you electronically will be used to administer these promotions.

Information Sharing

There is a possibility that information sharing about you will occur with a third party under certain situations such as Information Sharing with our partner companies: We might share your information with our partner companies, mainly because it will assist in the provision of products and services directed towards your satisfaction and preference. At a point in time, we may also ask for your consent to share your information with carefully selected and identified companies when we are convinced their products may interest and satisfy your demands. You may “choose out” of the partner offers and programs at any time by updating your User Profile, Contacting Us or calling1-866-530-2034 (on weekdays during 8:30am to 5pm, Pacific Standard Time). We prohibit our partners from using your contact information for any other purposes other than presenting relevant offers and programs to you, and they are obligated by our agreement with them to keep secure your contact information in confidence. It is essential to note however that some of these companies may be our service providers. These service providers are companies that provide us with our internet services,also companies that assist and support the maintenance, operation, and creation of our databases, research and development companies among others to mention but a few in the needed industry.

Legal Procedures
We may inform law enforcement agencies if we suspect any activities believed to be illegal, or that we think we may aid a law enforcement investigation into discovery any unlawful activity. Also, we reserve the sole right at our discretion to release your information to law enforcement agencies if and when the need arises.

Information Sharing as Permitted by Law
Your information may be shared with others as required by, or permitted by, law. This may include but not limited to, sharing your information with government entities, or third parties in response to subpoenas, court orders, and other legal processes.Also, your information may be shared as we consider necessary to exercise our legal rights and the respect of the law, to defend ourselves against legal claims brought against us, or to protect us and others against possible legal claims that maybe brought against us and this we will do at our sole discretion given the available condition.

Blogs, Online Forum Postings, Discussion platforms and Testimonials
We may choose to allow users to share comments, postings, testimonials, or other relevant information about their lives and lifestyles. If you decide to provide such information to us on our website, the information that you submit may be available to the general the public. Information that you submit in these areas may be read, referenced, collected, and used by others who access them in any form they can.

Business Operation Development
If we, or any portion of our business, are acquired by another company as a result of a merger or investments, or we go through another operational investment business deal your information alongside other parts of our operations may be transferred to the acquiring or new company or other entity surviving such a business deal, however when this happens you will be notified.

Enforcement of Policy
If for some reason you believe Wankae Investment Group Limited has not abided by or to these policies, please tell us, and we will do our utmost best to make the needed corrections quickly.

Interest-Based Advertising
Wankae Investment Group Limited participates in interest-based (online behavior) advertising. Wankae Investment Group Limited voluntarily engages in any form of Digital Advertising for business and marketing promotion purposes, Wankae Investment Group Limited supports the deployment of the Advertising Option icon (“Ad Choices”).

Additional Third Parties
It is also possible that we might share non-personal information with other third parties that might not be included in what has been described above. When we do so, we may aggregate and or de-identify the information so that a third party would unlikely be able to link data to you, your laptop, or any of your electronic device. Aggregation means that we pool together the non-personal information or data of several people so that there will not be any association or link of any data provided to any one person. De-identify means that we make an effort to get rid of or altering certain parts of the information that might be used to connect data to a particular person.

Managing Your Privacy Through Your User Profile
We offer you the capability to use specific controls and choices as regards-to how one’s personal information is collected, used or shared. By changing or deleting your User Profile or getting in touch with us as described within this Privacy Policy, or follow these directions: (1) You may correct, revise, update and delete your registration account; (2) You may modify your selections for subscriptions, newsletters, and alerts; (3) You may decide whether to accept offers and loyalty promotions for our products and services or for services and products that we think through may be of preference to you; (4) You may decide to indicate whether we share your contact information with our partners to enable them to refer you deals and promotions about their products and services; (5) You may also choose whether to get any interest-based marketing or advert; and (6) You may request access to the personal information we hold about you and demand that we revise, modify or delete it, and we require our partners with whom we have shared this information do the same or similar.

Security Measures
Wankae Investment Group Limited takes practical and appropriate measures to secure your personal information once we get it correctly and to help prevent it from being divulged to individuals who are not described in this policy. While we follow reasonable strict procedures to try to protect the information in our possession, we also acknowledge the fact that no security system is a hundred percent perfect, and we are unable to guarantee a hundred percent security perfection, in that sense you should not expect that your information will stay secure in all circumstances a hundred percent.We, however, guarantee that all e-commerce transactions will be secured with the latest security measures and use the best accessible security technologies. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used when you make online orders or pass on delicate information. SSL is by far the safest methods of transferring data over on the Internet, and that is what we use.

Privacy Policy Applied to Linked Websites?
Our Privacy Policy relates solely to information collected on our website. The Site comprises links to websites of third parties.Wankae Investment Group Limited is not liable for the actions of these third parties, including their privacy practices and any information posted on their websites. We ask you to review their privacy policies to learn more about what, why and how they collect and use personal information data. However, as is factual with all online transactions, it is possible that third parties may illegitimately interrupt transmissions of personal information, or other customers or handlers of the Site may ill use or abuse your personal information collected from the Site.

If you have questions or comments or concerns about this privacy policy, please email us or write to us or call us at:
Wankae Investment Group Limited
300-848 Courtney Street
V8W 1C4
British Columbia
For information about how to contact Wankae Investment Group Limited, please visit

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