Q: Do I Pay More For Shipping Multiple Orders?
A: Yes you get to pay shipping/delivery cost for each order. But for orders with 24hour delivery, they are automatically combined.

Q: Where Can I learn more about the website
A: you can read about us on the website or

Q: Where And How Can I Order Wankae Products?
A: you can order your catalogs from the Wankae website ( or call and order from our hotlines1-866-530-2034.

Q: Is order cancellation allowed?
A: Ordered items, can still be canceled but should be canceled ahead of time at least 24 hours before delivery time. For instance, for a 24-hour delivery service, which the order is done by 12 noon, the cancellation should be made before 12:00am the previous day. But not the next day in the morning as the delivery team would have left the office. For cancellation, we also recommend that you call our service hotline 1-866-530-2034 or email us at, A.s.a.p.

Q: How Much Does Shipping Cost?
A: This is determined during the checkout process and depends on your location and product size and weight

Q: When Will My Items Be Delivered? /Can My Items Be Delivered?
A: The readiness for delivery of items will automatically appear on the product detail page. All items are shipped or delivered to your step, after shipment, a tracking number is provided to you, to track your shipment. Or call our service hotline1-866-530-2034 to find out when the shipping/delivery would be done, you can also track your shipments/delivery.

Q: Do You Ship Internationally?
A: Yes, for some product that has international shipping clearance. But not all our products ship internationally, some of our products are restricted for only Canada wide shipment. This determination is done during the check-out process.

Q: How Do I Become A Customer At WANKAE?
A: You need to first register, usually after your first order you are automatically a customer at Wankae and get a customer number. You can choose your desired product and go through the checkout process. During this process, you will be prompted to enter your data. After completing the ordering process, you become a new customer,and all products would be delivered with your customer number.However, you can also check-out as a guest customer.

Q: The Registration On The Internet Does Not Work.
A: Call or email Wankae hotline or customer service line to notify them, and they would rectify the error as soon as reported

Q: My Name / My Address Has Changed
A: Name and Address you can quickly and easily change your own online at the Customer Center. Or call our customer service line to assist you to make these changes.

Q: Can I Assess My Account Information Online?
A: Yes, as an online customer, you can under the tab Account inspect and examine at any time all information about your current orders and account movements.

Q: Can I Return products?
A: Yes, you can return the products only under the conditions stated in the WANKAE’s return policy.

Q: How Secure Is My Credit Cards information
A: The information on your credit card is highly secured, Wankae uses the latest SSL to make sure your dataand transactions are highly secured.

Q: How Certain Am I That My Goods Would Be Delivered After Payment
A: WANKAE is a registered company and very a credible company and is internationally credentials. So the moment you make a payment you should be assured that the goods would be delivered to you, as we are affiliated with very credible international companies as well.

Q: Why are Products Prices under Featured Products Recommended for You, changed

A: Products that are shown under Featured Products Recommended for You have been discounted hugely. This discounts are provided only for a period of time as stated by the time counter. After this period prices return back to its original prices. It’s an opportunity for customers to get huge discounts on products.

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