Subscription Agreement Program Set up
Signing and filling a subscription form is a convenient way to ensure that you do not run out of products because you forgot to order in time or were unable to get to the shop on time or when you needed to. Directly inform Wankae which products you need, the size, brand and how often you need them (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or annually). Here on, our customer service team goes ahead to process your orders, as scheduled, and ship/deliver them to your doorstep. “Taking the stress out of business and life” hassle-free.

Reason to Enroll in the Subscription Program:
Time-Saving – Wankae does the work for you by placing your order for you. You no longer have to recall your password or go online to make your order or getting your credit or debit card out of your bag or purse to fill in your payment details online all over again. We save you all that much time to use for relaxation, as we do the work for you.

Financial Prudence – Wankae gives 5% off all subscription orders all year long, or anytime your orders are shipped/delivered. You also enjoy free delivery or shipping if the order is above $99 when enrolled in the subscription program

Flexibility – You have the advantage to change your order up to one business day before your next shipment or delivery. However, changing your order size or delivery/shipping schedule is always at your sole discretion but must be done on time.

No Commitment – Cancel or “Opt-out” of your subscription program at any time, for any reason with no penalties or questions and the process is stress-free.

FREE – There is no cost to you for enrolling in the Subscription Program! It’s a bonus for all customers, to save some money.

How the Subscription Program Works
Enroll in our subscription program by filling our Subscription Agreement order form either online or on paper indicating to us what products you need, how often you need them (e.g.,weekly, bi-weekly, monthly,etc.) and authorizing your billing and confirming your shipping information.

With that authorization from you, Wankae will automatically process your order on the schedule you’ve indicated and agreed on. You will receive an electronic or email notification of your order confirmation with shipment details. Note that if your order day falls on a weekend or public holiday, it will be processed the business day prior for timely shipping.
Ensure to call or email us to change or cancel your future orders on time.

How Much Does the Subscription Program Cost?
Participation in the Subscription Agreement Program is FREE. Just make sure the cost of products and shipping plus tax (when required) are fully paid for and it’s that easy. Subscription Program customers enjoy a 5% off all subscription orders and free delivery for products above the orders of $99.

Signing up for Wankae’s Subscription Program

During your ordering process indicate your desire to join the subscription program by choosing the subscription button and indicate your plan for the recurring order, either a monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or yearly plan.

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