Baby Diaper Services

We provide diaper services for all your cloth diaper needs. A call from you will bring our services to your doorstep, where we collect your used diapers, wash them and make them as good as new. We also return them to you in good time and condition, according to your agreed schedule.


Baby Shower Event Planning Services

There is nothing more exhilarating than a baby on the way coming into the world! Planning for a baby shower can increase the feeling of anticipation, joy, and love that a new baby represents and brings along. Baby shower planning can be a daunting task,exhausting and a very stressful one if not well handled. We know you want it to be perfect, and so do we!  We will provide you with agreat experience that will live with you and your guests for a lifetime.

We provide baby shower services for all your baby shower planning events. A call from you will bring our event planners to your doorstep. We plan together with you to your every detail and specification. We take the stress out of planning, by getting everything done from invitations to the last detail of the event. We guarantee, enjoyable experiencewith friends and family.

We celebrate the life of a newborn in style, and also make it as intimate and memorable as you want it. We make it fun for your guests by introducing a theme that will set the tone for the whole event, with unforgettable dishes and games. We work with you to make sure that everything is according to your taste and satisfaction. It will never be a boring time; we promise you fun, fun and so much fun.


Baby Registry Services

Welcoming a newborn to the world is the most joyous and essential thing anyone can experience, however very expensive. We provide a customized baby registry service that suits your every need. We even provide your friends and family a one-stop shop where all your items can be found and bought with just by a click of a button at the comfort of your homes, cars or offices, using their laptops, iPad or mobile phone. And delivery will be done as specified.

We provide you with an extensive variety of gifts for family and friends to select the perfect gift for your baby. Our customers also have the choice of adding items from any store in the world to one convenient gift list, personalized with family videos, background pictures, and more, for a fascinating and exciting way to celebrate and share event details.


Baby Room Decoration

We have interior decorators that specialize and are experts in decorating your infant and children rooms. You will have kid’s walls covered with exclusively designed wall art, cute and fancy shelving, lightning and more. We cover kid’s room floors with the best rugs and their rooms well accessorized.  Just at a click of a button, ask for a quote, and you will be glad you did. Having your child loving their rooms and infants enjoying their space with designed arts and lights are Wankae’s guarantees.


WANKAE Print Shop

We print various business and personal products, such as business cards, calendars, clothing, bags and promotional items, gift supplies, photo gifts, mugs and invitation cards to mention but a few. Images and order placements can be found at the WANKAE print shop.

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