BedVoyage Rayon Viscose Bamboo Luxury Towels Sets

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  • Rayon Viscose Bamboo / Cotton / Poly
  • Washcloths
  • Hand Towels
  • Bath Towels
Set of 4 Washcloth, 2 Hand Towels and 2 Bath Towels


Plush bamboo towels that are super absorbent help dry you quicker and alleviate skin conditions. Our luxuriously soft bamboo/cotton/ply blend towels are odor and mildew resistant, and with a hang tag for drying, they can be reused for days.  2 Bath, 2 Hand, 4 Wash.

The 8 Piece Towel Set includes:

  • 2 bath towels at 30″x54″
  • 2 hand towels at 16″x27″
  • 4  washcloths at 13″x13″

Key Details:

  • WHY BEDVOYAGE: premium loop pile, oversized, Oeko-Tex Green, organically grown bamboo
  • SILKY SOFT & COMFORTING: a luxurious cashmere-like feel, twice as soft as cotton, and stays soft, wash after wash
  • HYPOALLERGENIC:  helps alleviate skin irritations, as the round smooth fibers are gentle and skin safe
  • RESISTS BACTERIA:  skin irritations can be unknowingly caused by bacteria laden towels, but bamboo naturally resist bacteria
  • MOISTURE WICKING: Bamboo wicks away moisture up to 3x faster than cotton, helping you dry off faster
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from Certified Organically Grown Bamboo. Oeko-Tex Made In Green: skin-safe. Vegan and Panda Friendly
  • PREMIUM QUALITY:  luxury loop pile, oversized, and fade resistant
  • Washcloths: 55% Rayon Viscose from Bamboo / 40% Cotton / 5% Poly
  • Hand Towels: 60% Rayon Viscose from Bamboo / 35% Cotton / 5% Poly
  • Bath Towels: 65% Rayon Viscose from Bamboo / 30% Cotton / 5% Poly

Size Chart

  • Bath Towels are 30″x54″
  • Hand Towel are 16″x27″
  • Washcloths are 13″x13″


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Additional information

Weight 2.721088 kg
Dimensions 33.02 × 25.4 × 25.4 cm

Ivory, White, Sage, Champagne, Indigo


Set of 4 Washcloth, 2 Hand Towels and 2 Bath Towels


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Product Care Video

Wash on warm with an eco-friendly liquid detergent, without items that can snag the knit, tumble dry on medium



Are Bamboo Towels mildew resistant?  How to get rid of a mildew scent?
A: Bamboo Towels should never develop the mildew scent like cotton towels do, as they are naturally odor and mildew resistant. But if it does, you may add vinegar to the laundry pre-soak, and this will kill any bacteria and odors.

Are Bamboo Towels good for hair?
A: Bamboo towels are much better than synthetic or cotton towels. Bamboo towels are softer, gentler, more absorbent, preventing hair damage and skin irritations. Bamboo Towels absorb water 3x better than cotton towels, so hair dries quickly and with minimal damage.

Can I hang Bamboo Towels on the clothesline?
A: Yes, you can. If they are a little crisp when dried, you can simply toss them in the dryer for 5-10 minutes and they’ll fluff soft again.

Can my Bamboo Towels snag? How to fix a snag on Towels.
A: If your Bamboo towel is snagged, simply cut the snag off with sharp scissors, and it won’t continue to snag.  Best practice for laundering is not to wash them with things that have zippers or Velcro, or hooks. This will reduce snagging.

Are Bamboo Towels Good for the Gym? Are Bamboo Towels good for the pool, sauna or spa?
A: Use as a gym towel, pool towel, beach towel, all ideal places for its use, as Bamboo Towels are naturally resistant to bacteria and odors, so you can bathe safe and clean with bamboo. Additionally, they are great for kid’s athletic bags, motor homes, boats and by the pool, bamboo naturally provides uv protection.

Can you bleach Bamboo Towels? Do I wash the same way as a Cotton Towels?
A: Rayon from Bamboo is best cared for by washing in warm water and tumble dry on medium heat. Proper washing will extend their life and keep them soft and supple; you can expect to get 5-6 years from your towels with proper laundering.  Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria, odors and mildew, so you do not need bleach, and you can hang dry and reuse your towels for days, with no mildew scent.

How to care for your Bamboo towels?
A: Similar to cotton towels, Bamboo Towels are very easy to care for. If you want your towels to last longer and maintain their bamboo qualities, always use a liquid mild detergent, do not wash towels with other clothing, do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

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