Car DVR Camera 4K GPS WiFi ADAS Dash Cam

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4K Wi-FI No Rear Cam4K Wi-Fi Two Cameras
Add 128G CardAdd 32GB CardNo Memory Card


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How to switch 4K UHD 2160P ?

Press Menu Button once to access Resolution.

1, Single version X7s Resolution:

UHD 2160P
QHD 1440P ( Default setting)
FHD 1080P 60 fps
FHD 1080P 30 fps (ADAS support this size)

2, Dual version X7s+ Resolution:

FHD P30+FHD P30 (Means: 1080P +1080P 30fps)
(ADAS support this size)

The dual-lens X7s+ Version can only support double 1080P when you connect the rear camera.

If you don’t insert the rear lens, you can display 2160P and 1440P.

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How to connect wifi with mobile phone

1, Download APP “Timacam” in your cell phone
2, Long press Menu button to switch on wifi
3, Select the wifi NVT-CARDV89e5 on your Phone Settings
4, Press “Timacam” App to connect
5, Password is 12345678

Connect WiFi can only see the video normal speed playback in your phone, if you want to see fast forward +2+4+8 or slow release -2-4-8, can only be seen inside the DVR.

WiFi on cell phone setting the camera can only set:
Video resolution / Collision sensor / Record time / WDR / Motion detection / Time water mark / Format Car Cam SD card / Restore factory settings


Internal GPS

GPS module can record the driving track and latitude,
longitude, car speed. You can see a map of the track
and the speed after installing Player Software.
Can only be installed on Windows systems.
Please leave your email to seller to get the GPS Player File.

X7s / X7s+ are Build in Capacitor (No Battery)

No battery inside, cannot support switch on without car charger charging.
The Capacitor is use to hold the date and time settings.
More safer and stable.(The same as TV, no battery inside)
It need to charge in car with original car charger.

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How to support 24 hours Motion Detection (Parking Mode)?

Purchase a Range Tour 12/36V to 5V 1.5-2.0A Inverter Converter Mini USB Hardwire Kit Wire for Car DVR Dash Cam Car Camera Car Charger Cable.(not include)

The Car DVR have a car charger in the parcel.
The device will record automatically when the car starts, then will turn off when the engine is turned off.

If you need 24 Hours recording or Motion Detection, you can purchase a Hard wire kit wire also.

Click on the image below to see a detailed description and purchase.

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1, Power

X7s and X7s+ has no battery inside, cannot support switch on without car charger charging. More safer and stable.
(The same as TV, no battery inside)

The Capacitor can only save the time and date.
When the car charger is connected, the device will automatically record when the car is turned on and then turn off when the engine is turned off.

It need to charge in car with original car charger.

If you do not use the original car charger, it may cause the DVR to not operate normally / stop at the boot screen / the screen display is not normal, because the voltage is insufficient.

USB cable is forbidden to be charged, it only can read the video on PC.

It is recommended to use the original car charger provided to charge/power up the device. Using inappropriate charger or USB cable connect cell phone charger may cause damages to the device. Because there is a chip with protective voltage on the main board of the original car charger.

Only power source of 5V Authentic 1.5-2A (output) can be used to power up or charge the device.

2, Night Vision

When you use it at night, if you want to get a good image. We recommend that you turn on the car lights. There are night vision sensors in the camera that require headlights or streetlights for better visibility. This does not mean that it can be recorded without light.

3, Format the card on DVR setting

Please format the Authentic Class 10 Micro-SD-card before using and format the card three times a month to check the DVR is normal use.
(Any Brand, Any camera are all the same)

TF/Micro SD Memory Card (not included)

It is recommend to use high-speed memory card(Class 10)no less than 8G ( support up to 256G ).

In particular, if your card exceeds 64G, it must be formatted, otherwise it will show no card inserted or card error, because the program of the DVR needs to be matched with the card program by formatting. When you format it, everything works fine.

Please make sure your Micro SD card is 100% Authentic Class 10, because the car camera cannot read the fake card and slow card!!
Slow card will make the camera system halted / can not normal recording / stop on screen.

Press Menu button twice to access system setting Format Setting.

Hot plug is not supported. Always turn the device off before removing the TF card.

Hidden Installation, use original 3M Holder, more solid and stable for wider temperature range use.

3M Holder make the dash camera hidden install to the top of your car window,

You can’t see the DVR screen derectly, because of hidden,
if you want to see the screen all the time, please use the suction cup installation.

If you want to see the video, you can use the free wifi connect your cell phone,
or see the playback on the DVR, or use the card reader on PC.

And you can make a screen saver for your dash camera,
this will keep your eyes away from the bright screen when driving at night, more safer.

How to set Screen Saver?

Automatic: Press Menu button twice to access system setting in Screen Saver, choose 1 Minute or 3 Minutes, press OK button to confirm. Pressing any button to back.

Manually: Short Press Power button one second to turn on/off the screen.


3M Holder Installation Procedure:

1, Use the free gifts Mounting Membrane

2, Tearing one of the membranes

3, Take a tissue and slowly smooth the film

4, Rip the red paper of the 3M bracket

5, Attach the 3M bracket to the membrane

6, It is easy to tear if you want to replace it
elsewhere on the car window


4K 2160P Single Camera X7s

Both 1080P X7s+

WiFi Connect Cellphone


Built-in GPS Logger: Can see the speed and route where you drove with GPS Player on PC

Main control chip: Novatek

Angle of View: 170 Degree

Screen Size: 2.4 inch Screen

Cycled Recording: Support the seamless cycled recording function

Anti-shake: Provide the anti-shake function for electronic video

Motion Detection: Support

Photo Format: JPEG

Audio Recording Support: Selective audio/video recording and synchronous audio/video recording

External Power Supply: Mini USB 5 PIN interface


Full HD 2160 / 1440 / 1080P high-definition seamless cycled recording, no second leakage

Use the hidden mode, match the rearview mirror of the vehicle perfectly, not block the line of sight

Distortionless high-definition photographing device, high-definition images

Record the images by using the H.264 compression mode

Provide locking protection for multiple important segments, thus preventing important segments from being overwritten

Built-in G-sensor, capable of saving and locking the video recording data automatically in case of collisions.


Press Menu Button once to access LDW and FCW, Press On and OK to confirm.
ADAS do not support single lens Resolution UHD 2160P or QHD 1440P
ADAS only support single lens Resolution FHD 1080P 30 FPS and FHD Dual Lens 1080P.

LDWS Lane Departure Warning System
FCWS Forward Collision Warning System

ADAS:Advanced Driving Assistant System

It uses the front camera sensor and satellite installed in the car to sense the surrounding environment, collect data, identify, detect and track static and dynamic objects, and combine GPS data to perform system calculations. And analysis to pre-empt the driver to detect possible dangers.

GPS module ( Internal )

(1) It enables GPS functionality on the device, as well as show speed stamp on DVR screen.

(2) GPS module can record the driving track and latitude, longitude, car speed. You can see a map of the track and the speed after installing Player Software.

(3) GPS Speed Unit setting: Press Menu button twice to access GPS. Select MI/H or KM/H(DVR Setting)

(4) Set Time Zone:
Press Menu button twice to access Time Zone. Press up and down to select a time zone in the device setting. Press ok button to confirm. (DVR Setting)

(5) GPS 000KM/H or 000MI/H speed will be displayed on the screen after searching star successfully.

(6) Leave your Email to the seller, we will send the GPS installation File to you.

(7) Install the GPS player on your PC. Can only be installed on a Windows system.

(8) Pull out the TF-card from DVR that has positioned video inside and use the card reader into the computer or connect USB cable to PC. Select Open File to see your video on PC. (PC Setting)

(9) The Signal sign on the screen of the DVR lower right corner from White to Green (means GPS searching star successfully)


1. Press MENU once to enter Video Settings
2. Press the UP or DOWN button to navigate to the “Resolution” option
3. Press OK to view available resolutions:

Dual Lens: FHD P30 + FHD P30 (1080P+1080P, 30fps, dual-channel)
(ADAS support this size)
Only Front Camera has 4 resolution:
UHD 2160P, 24fps, single-channel
QHD 1440P, 30fps, single-channel
FHD 1080P, 60fps, single-channel
FHD 1080P, 30fps, single-channel (ADAS support this size)

4. Press the UP or DOWN button to make your selection
5. Press OK to confirm your entry
6. Press MENU to exit Video Settings


X7s+ —With Rear Camera Package:
1 x Front DVR Recorder
1 x Original Car Charger (3.5-4 meters )
Input: DC 12-24V Output: DC 5V 1.5–2A
1 x External Rear camera
1 x Cable for External Rear Camera ( 6 meters )
1 x 3M Holder ( Original )
1 x User Manual

X7s—No Rear Camera Package:
1 x Front DVR Recorder
1 x Original Car Charger (3.5-4 meters )
Input: DC 12-24V Output: DC 5V 1.5–2A
1 x 3M Holder ( Original )
1 x User Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Brand Name

Range Tour

Chipset Manufacturer


Frames Per Second


Assembly Mode

Portable Recorder

Memory Card Required Reding Speed

Class 10

View angle


Original Package


Item Type


Number Of Lenses


Camera Resolution


GPS logger


Special Features

Wide Dynamic Range

Imaging Sensor




OSD Language


Video Format




Screen Ratio


Touch Screen


Display Size




Max External Memory


Video Code


Front Camera Imaging Sensor


Rear Camera Imaging Sensor

Sony IMX 323

CPU Chipset

Novatek 96663


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