Panda Baby Rayon Viscose Bamboo Comfort Essentials

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  • 60% Rayon Viscose Bamboo / 40% Cotton
1 Hooded Towel, 1 Panda Swaddle, 7 Baby Washcloths and 1 Small Panda Basket


A new mother’s favorite baby gift. Set includes: 1 bamboo hooded towel (fits newborn-5yr) 7 bamboo baby washcloths, 1 panda bamboo swaddle, 1 reusable panda caddy/organizer. Bamboo fibers are gentle against sensitive and eczema-prone skin, hypoallergenic and naturally odor resistant.  The perfect gender-neutral baby essentials gift.

The Comfort Essentials includes:

  • 1 hooded towel (fits newborn-5yr)
  • 4 white baby washcloth with black trim, 3 black washcloths with white trim
  • 1 panda swaddle
  • small reusable panda basket

Key Details:

  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Luxuriously soft to infant and toddler’s sensitive skin. Helps sooth eczema or psoriasis prone skin
  • SUPER ABSORBENT, PLUSH & SOFT: Absorbs moisture 3x faster than cotton. Comforting after bath time
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from Certified Organically Grown Bamboo. Oeko-Tex Made In Green: free from pesticides, synthetic and harmful chemicals
  • EASY CARE & DURABLE:  Wash on warm, dry on high. Mildew and odor resistant, can hang dry and reuse for days
  • MULTI-USE:  Use as swaddle wrap, play mat, nursing cover, stroller cover, burp cloth, tummy time mat, sun shield or changing table. A perfect baby shower gift
  • OVERSIZED : Fits infant to 5 years old. Generous size, bathrobe wrap, keeping child pleasantly warm after bath time
  • CADDY USES:   fill with toys, books, diapers, shampoos, wipes, bibs, clothes and other baby essentials
  • 60% Viscose Rayon Bamboo / 40% Cotton

Size Chart

  • Baby Washcloths are 10″x10″
  • Hooded Towel is 40″x28″ with an 11″x16″ hood
  • Swaddle is 47″x47″
  • Small basket is 3.75″Wx6.5″Lx5″H

Additional information

Weight 1.360544 kg
Dimensions 27.94 × 22.86 × 2.54 cm



1 Hooded Towel, 1 Panda Swaddle, 7 Baby Washcloths and 1 Small Panda Basket

Product Care Video

Wash on warm with an eco-friendly liquid detergent, without items that can snag the knit, tumble dry on medium. Read More

Panda Basket:

  • For any stains, use a damp cloth with a spot-remover to dab and clean.  You may launder in cool to warm water using an eco-friendly or gentle liquid detergent.  Air dry for best results.



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What comes in a Comfort Essential Gift Set?
1 Panda pattern Swaddle Blanket, 1 Hooded Towel, 7 Baby washcloths and 1 Panda Basket caddy/organizer.  These are the perfect gift for bringing newborns home.

Are Bamboo Hooded Towels mildew resistant?  How to get rid of a mildew scent?
A: Bamboo Hooded Towels should never develop the mildew scent like cotton towels do, as they are naturally odor and mildew resistant. But if it does, you may add vinegar to the laundry pre-soak, and this will kill any bacteria and odors.

Are Bamboo Hooded Towels good for Baby?
A: Bamboo towels are much better than synthetic, microfiber or cotton towels. Bamboo towels are softer, gentler, more absorbent, preventing hair damage and skin irritations. Bamboo towels absorb water 3x better than cotton towels, so your child dries quickly.

How long should the Bamboo Towel fit my child?
A: Our Hooded Towels are made oversized to fit from infant to 4-5 years old. So many good years of use await your little one.

What are swaddle blankets?
A: Swaddling is an ancient practice of wrapping a baby snugly in a muslin blanket. This helps the baby feel safe and secure.

Are Muslin Bamboo Swaddles Breathable?
Muslin is a loosely-woven, breathable fabric that is delicate and durable making a perfect material for swaddling. Bamboo is naturally breathable and temperature regulating, allowing your baby to feel cozy and safe throughout the night.

How many swaddles do you need?
It depends on how often you do laundry, but at a minimum, two swaddles are recommended, one to wear and an extra for changing. If your baby spits up a lot, more swaddles would be recommended. Most moms have 4 to 8 “go-to” swaddles.

Are bamboo baby washcloths good for newborns? Will the washcloth be gentle on sensitive skin?
Using ultra soft baby washcloths is an essential for newborn’s bath time. Babies have sensitive skin and need gentle washcloths that won’t irritate eczema or skin conditions. Our thin washcloths are plush but still thin enough to clean around tiny fingers and toes.

What other uses are there for Baby Washcloths?
The baby washcloths can be used for wiping up spills, drool, messy faces from meal times, and elderly skin is just as sensitive as baby skin, so share them with your loved ones!

How can I reuse the Panda caddy/organizer?
So many uses! You can fill it with fresh diapers, small socks and hats, toys, shampoo and lotions, use it for the baby washcloths, its handy to keep on the dresser or near the bathtub.

How do I wash Baby Washcloths? How do I care for Hooded Towels?
Rayon from Bamboo baby washcloths and hooded towels are best cared for by washing in warm water with an eco-friendly liquid detergent, and dry on medium heat. Proper washing will extend their life and keep them soft and supple; you can expect to get many years from your washcloths and hooded towel. And bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria, odors and mildew, so you won’t need bleach. The Hooded Towel can be hung by the hood and dried overnight, ready to use again.

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